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skyrim 3

so i made a little gif anim there... thought it was funny how i sat there in this inn watching people move in and out... took some screens and when i tried to decide which one to show in my gallery, well, i decided to use them all...

it has been a while since i posted my last set of pictures from my adventures in Skyrim, so i piled tons of new images... the hardest part was to sort out all the crap noone but me would find funny, but i finally managed to make a selection... which probably still makes no sense to anybody, but i like them...

you better jump directly over to the gallery at nachtportrait.aussertech.com, where you can watch all my Skyrim screenshots in full epic size! or you can see a preview of the latest ones right here:


skyrim 2 [updated]

"The Elder Scrols V: Sykrim" logoyeah, you wish... but i don’t, because i need only *one* Skyrim. besides, it’s actual title would be „The Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim 2“ then, pretty sure nobody wants that...

so, i spent some more time in Tamriel. almost 50 hours now, the Nord avatar levelled up to 18 at this moment. pretty sure i will gain at least one or two more this night.

but first, i want to show you more beautiful pictures!


i generally try to avoid spoilers in the stuff i show and be as vague as possible in the descriptions, but there is some screens i believe you should only watch if you have been to that specific area already. as i am not *that* far into the game it should not be a problem, and i am pretty sure everybody has seen much more than i have (that’s why i still don’t watch *any* Skyrim related stuff), but i am just saying, if you haven’t been to „High Hrothgar“ or „Shimmermist Caves“, go Elsweyr! ;)

if that did not scare you, head right over to the gallery at nachtportrait.aussertech.com, where you can watch all my Skyrim screenshots in full epic size. if you want to see a preview of the latest session first, lookee here:


skyrim [updated]

"The Elder Scrolls V: Sykrim" logoSkyrim is all over the place, and you probably have had enough already. this is not for you, undead soul!

i am 11 13 hours deep into the land of snow and dragons, and i know that is not very deep. not deep at all. i have not even scrached the surface of what can be found in there. i do not neccessarily plan on finishing the game, because for one, well, it has *unlimited* quests. another reason is, i do not feel this to be a game at all. this is a world. this is a real living place, not only with a good story, but also with a fascinating and believable history. this is the video game equivalent of Tolkien’s Middle-earth saga.

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