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[flicka by DAS_STROMKOPF]

This is track number two of my own unreleased tunes, which i found the other day, lying around somewhere. It is called „flicka“, which is Swedish for „girl“, in case you didn’t know. I don’t remember much about this one, neither the title, nor why i did it, and what i tried to express through it. Only thing i know is i used a recording of me roaming Bremen City with a tape recorder as an underlying background soundtrack. You may not recognize it, i put some effects over it, lots of delay and whatnot. Adds a nice dubby feel to the tune, very spacey and trippy.
Just like „RightHand VS LeftHand“, this track has no real song structure, it is just rolling and twisting, me going mental on the filters. I really like the bassline in this. In fact, this is all about BASS, with a capital B A S S! So make sure you use a sensible system turned up to eleven. And crank up the bass, all the way up!

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