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DAS_STROMKOPF — RightHand VS LeftHand

[RightHand VS LeftHand by DAS_STROMKOPF]

My oh my, this is something! First time using this here blog for what it was originally intended for: my own music! When i built this site i had an easy way to post tunes made by myself in mind, as my good old label site had always been a bit too complicated, both for me and the users. Only problem was, the harddrive with all my artsy stuff on it got crushed, and i had no backup. So all i had left were some low quality versions of my old stuff, and i sort of never got to working on new stuff. Well, there is a track growing in The Labz™, my first take on Dubstep actually, but this may take a while. Making music needs a lot of time and freedom, which i don’t have anymore, thanks to The Daily Grind™. I am working on changing that at the moment, as some of you may already know, so there might be some changes in the future...

So what is this i am posting here now? I actually found a couple of old tunes, which survived the harddisk crash, and never got released before.
Track one, „RightHand VS LeftHand“, is a piece i made some years back in Bremen, while living together with a friend in the city. It was a very hot and humid summer day, which i decided to ignore as good as i could, shades all the way down. Still, my brain was cooking, so i fired up the machines (almost literally), inspired by something i read about famous german DJ Koze, where he talked about „Schranz“ (a German word for a very aggressive, but minimal Techno subgenre), and some music he made.

This tune i made has nothing to do with „Schranz“, it only inspired me to go ahead and screw with sounds and filters and whatnot. And, like i said, my brain was melting when i did this.
I finished the track in one sitting, only took me a couple hours. There is no real structure, no „song“, it’s just me playing with the machines, not knowing where or who i am anymore... :-P

I remember going to a local music festival after finishing this, in the evening, meeting a friend. Temperatures cooled down a little, we had some beers, and danced to some fine electronic music. It was a very good day (and night).

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