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once and for all
i will make this your isle
shaken and stirred
like my blood in a vial
merengue mosquito
a hum in my head
buzzing and poking
might render me mad
some times i can feel it
some times i may not
but always i know my
heart presents a nod
show me light, call it unlight
so bright, so unreal
it's an honor to know you
before you i kneel
and it's only because
you will ask me to stand
and if you're horizontal
you know i'll grab thy hand
body scan analyze
of which measures to take
there is two ways to go
sev'ral moves i could make
but when i decide
my decision be wise
either lay beside you
or help you to rise
i will not be in haste
i will figure a choice
either way i at last
long to hear but your voice

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