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SKID — Avalanche [stream / download // updated with better sounding mp3]

So, i decided to upload some more of my self produced music ... will try to do so at least once a week ... i have plenty of songs still lying around ... finished three entire albums over the years, also some loose tracks which have never been released to the world ... i will just pick my favorite noises from time to time and throw it out there ... for you to enjoy...

This one is called „Avalanche“, as you already know. I experimented a lot with the beat, think it is the first one where i used two different hi-hats snares ... not quite sure. Had a lot of fun with programming the hell out of this shit...

And then there is me rapping over it, quite angrily ... about mean people. and how they suck. mean people suck. Don’t be a mean people!

What else can i say? This song is old ... between-2000-and-2002-ish ... it was on my second album, „Ausserirdische Technologie“, which i kind of released in 2002 as well.

The Album’s cover is featured down there (way down), it was named after my record label, which i founded in 2000. Or „AT0“, rather, because back then i invented my own timeline, which i still use on this here website ... in case you always wanted to know that.

I listened to bands that don't even exist yet.

About the artist name ... „SKID“ ... there is a littlebit of explanation on the intro page of stromkopf.com, but maybe you skipped that ... so for the record:

My handle back in the days was just „skid“. small letters. before sido, or anyone else, did that. because i was a hipster before there were hipsters.

I gave myself that name, because i got sick of the handle i had before it ... don’t even remember what it was ... but as a „computer freak“, people used to call us that, you had to have a handle. and i was a computer freak since i was 12 ... i am 35 now, so i had a lot of different handles.

For many years, „skid“ was fine. And it still is. Friends started calling me that (fortunately my parents didn’t), some still do, it’s cool.

But this one day, i was playing Diablo II, or was it Left 4 Dead, with my girlfriend, when just out of the blue she called me „STROMKOPF!!!“ ... must have had her reasons, i think i deliberately forgot.

I was like „WTF???“, she was like „I MEANT STROHKOPF!!!!!“, i was like „NOOB, LOL!!!!!!!!“.

We are not together anymore.

guy with a dunce hat...

FYI: „Strohkopf“ is German for „hayhead“, if that makes some sense. It is actually something Germans say. Well, used to say, it is quite an old swearword. It’s „vintage“.

(i just looked it up, in English you would probably rather say „dunce“, or „numbskull“)

But that is all unimportant. What’s important is the fact that the word „Stromkopf“ really got stuck inside my head. I had never heard it before, i did not even know it was a word. I am not even sure now if it is, there is not much coming up if you google it. Something that has something to do with vulcanos i guess ... oh, it means „powerhead“ in English ... which, of course, is a real word, but like i said, the german „Stromkopf“ really isn’t.

Anyway, i wanted to keep it. Then i realized what was even cooler: „skid“ could be „SKID“, which could be an acronym for ... wait for it ... „Strom Kopf IDentität“! See what i did there? „Identität“ being German for „identity“, in case you haven’t figured that out already.

So, you can still call me „SKID“. But i am not so hot about „skid“ anymore...

Okay, so right now i hope i made you curious enough and you are like „LET’S HEAR THE DAMN THING ALREADY!!!“ ... or maybe you already heard it, got bored, moved on, and are not even reading this...

Oh, one last thing: I always do my vocals one-take. Always.

There will be another impressive example for that here at some point in the near future.

Download: MP3 // 2.88 MB


i be back to back with myself on this track come down like avalanche to break your neck
you see shit of me, you’ll never be aware, it’s gonna be way too late when i strip you bare
then i, release the pressure, drop my anger, quit the shit you live wit and i
be the one you will never forget. forever be branded into your head
you swallow the fire i bring with me, it’s gonna be way way to hot for thee.
i know you would come. i see it in your eyes that’s no good for you that is pure demise
please understand i don’t mean to cause harm
i just can’t stop the path that i walk from grow warm
they gave me that skill of combustion on birth
they said „you be the one to save earth from all mirth!“
now my tongue is tied up all the way in my mouth
hope you’re happy now, you can kiss me down south
i can’t breathe while i talk maybe i should quit the rambling
your ears are bleeding already, anyway...........

...what’s the matter with you? where’s that place you call home?
why don’t you just go there and give the dog a bone
or whatever you do, i don’t care, i don’t need
to know bout your life coz it’s built up on greed
and i live somewhat different, got my own way of things
my opinion is you live for money, that stinks!
but what the heck could I do? you won’t change.
not in a million of years would you evaluate
or evolute. get back onto your tree!
coz that’s definately where YOU comin from! sheesh...
it’s unbelievable! why the fuck you have a brain if you don’t use it?
you only abuse it, better remove it...

...i’m speechless. for real!

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